Tuesday, 4 June 2013

What to take with you when home shopping

You will want to make the process of shopping for a home as productive
and enjoyable as possible. After all, you'll be on a quest to find your next
dream home. That's why it's important to take the right things with you: 
•A digital camera, so you can take pictures of the features you like in
the properties you see.
•A notepad, so you can take notes. 
•Measurements of your largest pieces of furniture, so you can confirm
they'll fit in the rooms of properties you like.
•A measuring tape.
•Some healthy snacks and beverages, (especially important if you're
taking the kids along).
•A map of the area, so you can check out local parks and other
neighbourhood features.
•Clear driving directions to each of the properties you want to see.
One of the best ways to shop for a home, and actually enjoy the experience,
is to work with a great REALTOR®.

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